Thursday, July 5, 2012

30 Days to Lose Weight - Day 1

I'm not super overweight or anything. Like many of you, I am just not where I want to be as far as my weight and appearance go. When I was younger, I could drink and eat anything I wanted and remain thin. As I got older that started to change somewhat, but it wasn't until after having my two kids that my body seemed to just give up. The thing that kills me is the belly fat. If you have belly fat you know what I mean when I tell you how nasty it is when you sit down and your stomach touches your boobs. Sooo gross!  The thing that pisses me off the most is that I eat a heck of a lot better now than I did in my twenties, but my body doesn't seem to care.

To make matters worse, I'm going with my husband to visit his family in Miami in exactly one month. If you've ever been to Miami, Fl you know it petty much only contains only 2 types of women: ridiculously beautiful and troll. It is my goal to NOT be a part of the troll group when I visit. Unfortunately this is made more difficult by all of the ridiculously beautiful women in my husband's family - one of which was a Hawaiian Tropic model. Seriously, I'm not making this up. As you can imagine, standing next to these 5'9" goddesses, I really do feel like a troll. Not one of the Lord of the Rings types, more like the troll pencil toppers. You know, the ones with frizzy hair and boobs hanging over their bellies. Yep. That's me! Except with clothes, of course.

Anyway,  I started trying to work out earlier this summer, but then I hurt my back and subsequently fell of the wagon. Now I only have 30 days left to get my butt into shape so I am going to do it over this blog. Why? Peer pressure. If I put it out there that I am doing this then I actually have to do it, right?

So here's my plan:
  1. Drink water. I have been drinking diet for a while, but recently discovered research showing that diet drinks may lead to more abdominal fat. I have to, unfortunately, admit this might be true since this is the worst belly fat I've ever had. So I am forced to drink water - and coffee, of course.
  2. Eat more fruit and salads. I actually eat a fairly healthy diet already so I'm just going to try to step it up a notch.
  3. Less crappy late night snacks. (FYI: I am eating Ramen as I write this. Oh...the hypocrisy)
  4. Do the Jillian Michaels - 30 Day Shred DVD everyday (at least every day I can walk). It's a 20 minute video which is about all I have time for, but it really kicks your ass. I was shaking after doing it today. 

Here are my goals:
I would like to lose about 7lbs and 4 inches off my waist. I realize this is unrealistic for one month, but it is my ultimate goal. We'll just have to see how close I come to it.

Here's a picture of me exercising with my daughter today. It was soo cute. I wanted to upload a video, but couldn't get it to work. I'll try tomorrow.
Yes. My house is a mess. I'll get to that tomorrow too...maybe.

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  1. How about trying a low-carb approach? You may experience quicker short term losses.

    If only I could follow my own advice. Every time I low carb, my knows it and my brain betrays me by thinking about eating delicious carbs 24/7.

    Anyways, great blog! I love your humorous writing style.

    1. Thanks!
      You're probably right, but I can only torture myself so much. Water is bad enough. I think a low carb diet might kill me.

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  3. Great goal! I wish I could be dedicated enough to stick to a diet
    New follower from the Blog Hop
    My Wonderfully Dysfunctional Blog

    1. I'm horrible at sticking to a diet. That's why I'm doing it on he blog. I'm hoping the pressure of doing it public will keep me in line. Thanks for the encouragement! Love your blog!

  4. Hi! I am on a mission to lose the last 15 pounds of "baby weight"(my daughter is 15 months old), BUT it refuses to come off! I heard that drinking a cup of hot water and lemon in the am is supposed to be great for your metabolism. Also, crack is supposedly really good for weight loss;) Jillian kind of annoys me sometimes, but I have been doing her "Kickboxing Fast Fix" video and I LOVE it. I prefer it to the "Shred". Stopping by from the hop and am now your newest follower:) Hope you can come check out Crazy Mama Drama !

    1. Okay. I am officially in love with you! I am totally following your blog too. :)

      I kind of hate Jillian too. She's a little intense and creepy, but she totally kicks my ass. I will definitely check out that video.


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