Thursday, July 5, 2012

If I Don't Laugh, I Might Cry

I think, as moms, we are conditioned to pay attention to the little things, whereas, the men in our lives are more "big picture" so to speak. Case in point: I found out today that my husband's been bathing our children using dog shampoo. The funny part is... we don't have a dog. Actually, we haven't had a dog for 3 years.

When our dog died, I just left the shampoo under the sink in case we got another dog, and forgot about it. Somehow, in recent months, it migrated its way into the basket holding the children's bath products, and my husband's been using it off and on since. In his defense, it says "For Dogs" in really tiny letters on the bottle. I just find it hilarious that I drive myself crazy making my own cleaning products, reading product labels, scouring the internet for ways to keep these kids healthy, and my husband bathes them with dog shampoo - cheap dog shampoo at that.

Oh well, at least we can rest assured that they are flea free.



Can you see where it says 
"For Dogs"?



How about now?


  1. Dog shampoo is pretty much the same as human shampoo as a bonus it's often tearless. You would onlt have to worry if it was a flea shampoo and even then it's wouldn't be devastating. Same stuff different bottle so they can charge differently.

    1. Just adding insult to injury, I guess. I'm a nut about doing everything all natural and he uses dog shampoo. It was expired too. :)


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